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Sorry for the inactivity, everyone! School has kept me pretty busy (especially the homework), and I just realized TODAY that I haven't written a journal entry since May! Wow! But don't worry, fortunately I have English class this semester, AND Creative Writing the next, so hopefully I can break my writer's block and produce wonderful writing yet again!

Hope to be productive once more! :)

Kennedy out~! :heart:

P.S. Oh, I should let y'all know that I have developed an odd fondness for "Post-It art"... I'll see if I can make something out of that! ;)

Journal History


    Today is a rough day for you. You bombed a test and got completely annihilated in dodgeball, which resulted in a degrading ‘loser swirly’; you know, the typical crappy day for a high schooler (a freshman, no less!). And what’s worse is that you’re forced to walk through the halls with hair wet with toilet water, while everyone gawks and laughs at you. Makes you think you’re social life is completely fucked, doesn’t it? Well, you won’t be needing a social life soon. No, not where you’re going!
   With head hanging you dejectedly exit your school the moment the final bell rings, not caring to call your mother to try and bum a ride home. Absolutely destroying your ears with heavy metal in an effort to drown your sorrows, you carelessly and aimlessly navigate the streets by pure memory, having walked the path countless times in the first few months of school. Not bothering to look up from your iPhone, you effortlessly weave between people walking the same path as you, the screams penetrating your eardrums effectively blocking out their talks of sex and parties and alcohol. You’re a freshman, you don’t need to hear about that shit until at least the eleventh grade!
    Unfortunately, your skilful maneuvering is no match for local traffic. While the heavy metal that’s drilling into your brain is a familiar comfort, it turns out to be the last thing you ever hear. Still having your eyes glued to your iPhone, you don’t look up as the stop light turns green. Your music is too loud to hear the car horn, too loud to hear your bones crunch and flesh tear open as you face impact. You still have your earphones in, by some miracle, and the death metal screams replace the ones you try to emit but cannot.
It drowns out the driver’s concern and fear…
It drowns out your faltering breathing…
It drowns out your heart as it stops beating…
A Second Chance: Prologue
Hello everyone! As a challenge set by my bae, I'm writing a second-person story! 
It will be about 'You', a freshman whose life goes for the worst... and by the worst, I mean they die.
What does 'a second chance' mean? You'll have to find out!

Hope you enjoy~! :heart:
Purple stands for nobility
the sign of kings and queens
and whenever I wear it
I feel like someone important (for once).

Purple brings to mind the sky before sunset
wine painting the universe
before it fades to black.
Purple is the colour that tells me
“it’s almost time to sleep now
it’s almost time to dream now.”

Purple is for the bruises
I got on the playground as a kid
little trophies of games played right
tiny pains I saw as accomplishments
for learning how to roughhouse.

Purple makes up all the mistakes
accidents, things gone wrong
and while they healed over time
I would be reminded by the violet brokenness
damaged streams beneath my skin
of how much like a grape I am
a purple fragile thing.

Purple is a collection of memories
sweet and sour, lasting on the tongue
warm emotion that leaves me drunk
a security blanket fashioned into a cape
making me feel like royalty
as though I were coronated with a crown of amethysts.

Purple feels like a sweet liquor
coursing through the veins in my brains
that gives me a shot of feeling (any feeling)
with every exposure.

Purple is a colour
I love for too many reasons.
I didn't list all of them

I couldn’t. I can’t.
Hooray for unoriginal titles! :iconderpplz:

Anyways, we had to experiment with free writing (… For those who aren't familiar with the technique), with the topic being our favourite colour. Naturally, purple was the first to come to mind.

Hope you enjoy~! :heart:
Open yourself to the evening sea
see the liquid universe of blood and candy floss, caressing
the rocky shores as the stars come on their stage.

Open yourself to the wind dancing in the woods
as an unseen ballerina, twirling through the branches
and alighting on your windowpane. Open yourself.

Open yourself to rain amassed on glass, united
on crystalline pane. Open yourself as these liquid fruit slide
and the ground below welcomes them to their destination.

Open yourself as the birds retreat to their fragile castles.
Open yourself to their songs. Open yourself to the freedom
held within them. Open yourself.

To the silence in the night, to the green
amongst the trees, to cold in the ocean,
open yourself.

Open up, if you can, and don’t
hold back. This island escape never leaves us
without wonder, so open yourself.
I am a faltering light
sweet little soul buried in sugar
child’s drug that forms a shining body
houses an orchestra of internal voices
and hides cracked and battered metal.

My body is a sculpture of sugar glass
appearing as a crystal fountain of cordiality
but having an underlying fragility
that sometimes needs a touch of sucre myself.

My brain is a string quartet on ecstasy
most times playing in brilliant harmony
at others struggling
producing a screeching cacophony of sounds
separate tunes composed of clashing thoughts
transforming bright silver and sucre chocolate tones
into a sour dysphoria of thoughts I cannot grasp.

My heart is a metal besieged by fire
strong at first, then shedding that mettle
in the presence of burning adversity
waiting for a sympathetic sucre water
to come and make me strong again.

I am sweetness
but while I often offer a smile
this corps sucre is a little stale.

I need a touch of “sweetness” myself.
Corps Sucre: 'Sugar Body'
After a LONG while, I've finally started writing again! Here we have a product of learning the "metaphor poem" form in my Creative Writing class! 

Hope y'enjoy~! :heart:


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