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My stuff is completely random, so enjoy the show! XP



Sorry for the inactivity, everyone! School has kept me pretty busy (especially the homework), and I just realized TODAY that I haven't written a journal entry since May! Wow! But don't worry, fortunately I have English class this semester, AND Creative Writing the next, so hopefully I can break my writer's block and produce wonderful writing yet again!

Hope to be productive once more! :)

Kennedy out~! :heart:

P.S. Oh, I should let y'all know that I have developed an odd fondness for "Post-It art"... I'll see if I can make something out of that! ;)

Journal History


Someone slammed a bottle of beer before me. I froze.
I had a whole fucked-up past documented in his depleted, broken bottles.
I didn’t want to build my future out of someone else’s mistakes.
So I took the remnants of his old brown bottles and built a strong, resounding “No, thank you”.
Brown Bottles
Another little challenge I made for myself: nano-fiction! In other words, stories told in only 55 words! Please note, I often- and in this case- include my titles with the word count of my nano/micro/flash fiction!

Hope you enjoy~!
The rain assaults the coarse pavement, harsh silver melding with soft gold of the night lights to form a shining coat on the lengthy road.
What an alluring sight, a glimmering cityscape accompanied by the makeshift symphony of water colliding against umbrellas and cars, concrete and glass. I get a private concert, liquid bells pealing out from the roof of the bus-stop shelter I’m standing in.
The full sounds of the showers assuage the anxiety within me, keeping the uneasiness from intensifying.
The shimmering rivulets rush down the street, and I cannot help but think it wants to lead me home. I find that a comforting thought.

Almost makes me forget I am lost, waiting for a bus going… hell if I know.
Hope you enjoy~!
The Morning

Nights with her were glorious. Layers of blankets were the vastness of space, and we were two souls searching, fumbling in the dark until we broke through the cotton atmosphere and joined together as one. We wanted the blankets to hold us forever, but there were spaces between the threads… and she fell through those tears in the fabric, much too soon.

I wonder, what would she have been like, in the morning?


We’re an odd bunch, but who cares? We don’t live through others’ opinions, we live through our movements, through music. We dance in any space possible, because empty spaces are golden opportunities. That’s why we’re here. This hall’s a bit cramped, and there’s no music, but that’s alright, we love a challenge (most of us, anyway). Every move lay waiting in our limbs. So what else have we to do but let them out?

Little Soldier Boy

He loves to play ‘War’ in the woods with his friends. At this innocent age, it is all fun and games. He doesn’t know the real meaning in the costume. How could he? For now, it’s only an act to enjoy in the springtime, a rehearsal for a part that looms ahead of him in the future.

He glances back at me, and for a moment, I see understanding in his eyes.
75 Word Stories
Hello everyone! I'm breaking my silence to give you these three 75-word stories! They were an assignment for a creative writing class, in which I had to write stories that's (obviously) 75 words, including the titles! So here they are, for you all to see!

Hope you enjoy~!


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My ID was made by my amazing friend Shadaily! Thanks, girl!

I be a random person whose passion in life is poetry...and writing in general~!
If you have a poetry theme for me, feel free to leave a comment! :meow:

Real Life Friends:

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